After receiving over 110 GM nominations and over 29,000 votes, list of Most Popular and Commended GM’s announced for INDIA.


Discover the vanguards of the hospitality realm as Hozpitality proudly presents the crème de la crème of General Managers in India. These exceptional leaders are at the forefront of excellence, setting new benchmarks and guiding the industry toward a brighter future.

In this special edition, Hozpitality Group takes great pride in unveiling the illustrious lineup of the "30 Best Indian General Managers." This esteemed group of leaders represents the epitome of excellence in the hospitality industry and serves as a beacon of inspiration for their peers and aspiring professionals alike.

Hozpitality Group extends its warmest congratulations to the winners.

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Hozpitality Group - Introducing the Heroes of Hospitality: Hozpitality's Top 30 General Managers in India

Here's the list of Hozpitality's Best 30 General Managers in India: - (in alphabetical order)
  • Amit Kumar
  • Amit Mehta
  • Anand Nair
  • Bhaskaran T Menon
  • Debjeet Banerjee
  • Deepraj Mukherjee
  • Dhaval Lodhiya
  • Jai Chugh
  • Joyjit Chakravorty
  • Kapil Vig
  • Koustuva Ratan Mukherjee
  • Kunal Shanker
  • Manisha Sharma
  • Manuj Bahl
  • Nitin Pathak
  • Pankaj Gupta
  • Puneet Baijal
  • Rajat Tuli
  • Rajendra Joshi
  • Sameer Sud
  • Sandeep Johri
  • Saurabh Thakur
  • Shakti Singh
  • Shashank Roy
  • Shubhankar Jyoti
  • Steve Pereira  
  • Sumeet Suri
  • Suveer Sodhi
  • Vinay Nair
  • Yogeshwar Bhatt

Alongside the Best 30 General Managers, we are delighted to recognize 10 Commended General Managers in India who have exhibited exemplary dedication and remarkable achievements in the hospitality industry.

Here is the list of Hozpitality's 10 Commended General Managers in India: - (in alphabetical order)

  • Anuj Khatter
  • Anurag Anand  
  • Clifford Dsilva
  • Dharmendhar R S
  • Faiz Ansari
  • Jeetendra Singh Shekhawat
  • Manu Vashishth
  • Prakhar Mathur
  • Senthil Kumar
  • Sanjay Subhash Zalate